About Our School

‘Local Action and Global Option’ is the motto of Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai, the Chief Executive Officer of Mahatma Education Society. Under his dynamic leadership, Mahatma Education Society has taken a leap into the direction of realizing his vision and mission of enabling the younger generation of Indian Community to have an access to the latest and the best global initiatives, concepts and developments in the field of education.

Transcending the boundaries of the State Board Education System, MES has set up a CBSE school from the academic year i.e. 2009-2010 as a sister institution of Mahatma School of Academics & Sports with a different nomenclature i.e. Mahatma International School (CBSE) housed in the newly build multi-storey building in sector 8, Khanda Colony and equipped with the latest amenities conducive to ideal teaching and learning activities.


To help every pupil who enters the portals of Mahatma Education Society’s Mahatma International School achieve one’s highest Potential making learning an enjoyable experience and inculcating the most desirable human qualities.

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To help every pupil to transform oneself from childhood to adulthood experiencing physical, mental, emotional and societal growth processes comfortably.

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To strive to create every year a batch of outgoing pupils who will grow up to be highly respected and accomplished citizens who are socially conscious and concerned about the community.

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