World Health Day 2023

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World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7th April, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization, as well as other related organizations. So as our school “Mahatma International School” had also conducted many different activity on 11th April, 2023 to make aware of children grow-up free, To spread knowledge about the value of good health. It is necessary to make individuals aware that health is wealth. We need to recognize that wellbeing is an important component of our lives. Keeping yourself fit and safe is important, with so many diseases prevailing in the world.

Students from all grades actively took a part in this activity, which was includes physical exercise , Mass drill and so on, to spread the message. We need to make this day a moment for the need for a healthier life to be understood. It will help to spread awareness by imparting information about health and fitness to the public and World Health Day is instrumental in raising people’s consciousness.

We should encourage all the students on this World Health Day to pay attention to your health. Take some time to work out in one day. Adopt good food habits.