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Date: 6th April, 2024

On April 6, 2024, Mahatma International School (CBSE) conducted its school parliament election for the academic year 2024-25. The election was a vibrant and engaging event, showcasing the democratic spirit among the student body. Candidates representing various positions, including President, Sports Minister, Education Minister, Cultural Secretary, Discipline In-Charge, Art Minister, Health and Hygiene head etc. highlighting their visions and plans for the school. Students actively participated in the voting process, demonstrating a keen interest in shaping the leadership of their school community.

The election was efficiently managed by the school’s electoral committee, ensuring a fair and transparent process. The results of the election were eagerly awaited, with a palpable sense of anticipation among both candidates and their peers. The event not only provided a platform for student leadership but also fostered a sense of responsibility and commitment towards school governance among the participants. Overall, the school election at Mahatma International School was a resounding success, reflecting the enthusiasm and democratic ethos of the student body.